Training Course

Training Course in Málaga

Teamworking, discussions and interesting nonformal education methods helped participants learn and share more about women entrepreneurship and inspiring women of the Feminist Movement. Divided in teams, they had the task to list some famous successful women and explained how their actions and behaviors positively impact their countries and communities. Some of the mentioned names were Frida Kahlo from Mexico, Monica Burgos from Brazil and Clara Campoamor from Spain.

In addition, you can also see the happy faces of some of our participants.

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We are also sharing with you some photos of our last session held on the beach, where participants received also their #Youthpass certificates. 📜

➡️ This training mobility gathered together in Málaga, participants from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria. During the past week they had an opportunity to discuss the women issues in their own country and talk more about women entrepreneurship.

The overall objective of the project is to transfer to youthworkers innovative training methodologies to improve guidance and counselling, vocational and professional training in EUand LatinAmerica for young women returning to work after a hiatus in their careers, as a result of maternity, illness, unemployment, or who are in a situation of self-employment.

💠 For Asociación Projuven was a great pleasure to host the mobility event in Málaga, Spain. This project is funded by EuropeanUnion and coordinate by Intercultural Association Mobility Friends from #Portugal.